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Our People

Our people are at the core of our business and all share a passion for a net zero future. We are a world-class team of renewable energy, green hydrogen manufacturing and storage, and property specialists.

We partner with industry leading specialist teams of hydrologists, geologists, volcanologists and other technical specialists to achieve best in business results. 


To make our projects possible and successful we work closely with local communities, Iwi's, Governments, industry leaders and investors.

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Our People

Simon Coe
Technical Director - Hydrogen

Simon is an experienced energy professional, specialising in Hydrogen. With first class honours in Chemical Engineering, he brings a wealth of technical and operational experience, holding a Post Graduate Certificate in Hydrogen from the HySafer Centre in Northern Ireland and over a decade of multinational experience in operations, design engineering and operations management in the Hydrogen, oil and gas and electrotechnology industries.


Reflecting his commitment to Hydrogen in NZ, Simon is currently the Chairperson of the Hydrogen Technical Advisory Group for Standards New Zealand.

Thomas McAlister
Tom APR 2018.jpg

Thomas has been with the Conrad Group since 2018 and in his role is involved in the whole development and sales process. He has extensive experience in industrial parks and hydrogen hubs where is his involvement spans land acquisition, concept and design, marketing, sell-down and settlements. Thomas helps with facilitating deals and managing clients expectations guiding them through the process.

Thomas has held a variety of leadership positions within Corporate Real Estate agency up to board level.

Franks PS.png
Frank Van Hattum
Energy Asset Director

Frank joins the team as the Energy Asset Director where he manages acquisition opportunities and maintains key industry relationships. He develops and maintains financial statements and reports used by project developers for analysis.


Frank is a highly experienced Director and General Manager with governance and operational experiences in the Energy Industry, Asset Management and Not for profit organisations. Over the years he has worked for and with some of the oil industry key players including 33 years as a Director/Senior Executive with BP Oil. He has a proven track record of leading sustainable and commercial outcomes with functional expertise managing assets across a range of disciplines including retail, property, project management, mentoring, F&B and sports industries.


Frank’s well-regarded reputation coupled up with his technical skills gives him the finesse fit for the role.

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Shannon Mann
ESG Director

Shannon has worked with a number of large international not-for-profit organisations. With over 14 years of commercial experience,  Shannon brings a diverse skill-set dealing with ESG issues, international relations, and complex global campaigns. 


Shannon brings her immense knowledge of the American markets, as well as a passion for environmental conservation and renewable energy with a key focus on green hydrogen. 

Gijs Faber
Head of Strategy, Systems Architecture and Integration

Gijs is a Supply Chain Professional with over 15 years of C-level and 26 years of international experience in Supply Chain, Logistics, Automation, systems architecture and integration.  He applies his skills on a technical scope and specialist expertise across safely storing and distributing green hydrogen 

Jonathan Tan BW_with tie.jpg
Jonathan Tan
Singaporean Director

Based in Singapore, Jonathan started his career as an accountant by trade but has worked with the Conrad Group since 2016 where he has honed his skills into real estate development. Jonathan heads up our Singaporean operations with development and financial structuring experience.  He has extensive experience in the industrial sector with a special focus on renewable energy and hydrogen manufacturing and distribution.  

Jens Maitland
Bermudian Director

Based out of Bermuda, Jens is a key leader in our international capital markets, including the Americas and Europe. With over 30 years of experience in real estate development, Jens is reasonable for our Bermudian office and operations. Jens has been with the Conrad Group for over 11 years and has extensive experience in developing industrial developments with a core focus on hydrogen manufacturing storage and renewable energy parks.

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