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Gold Hydrogen

Harvesting Natural Hydrogen - A Clean, Natural Energy

Natural hydrogen, also known as Gold Hydrogen will one day represent a large proportion of the clean energy sector.

Natural hydrogen is generated in earths deep crust and is brought to the subsurface by internal processes, where it forms ‘reservoirs’ within sedimentary rock such as limestone and sandstone. 

Previously, extracting natural hydrogen has been cost prohibited and not commercially viable. Advances in technology and government supports have enabled this to change. 



Why Gold Hydrogen?

Both New Zealand and Bermuda are well positioned to become key players in the hydrogen production industry. Both countries geology meets the key criteria for natural hydrogen generation.

Gold Hydrogen in its production is far less invasive and less expensive than most other resource extraction. Manufactured hydrogen which relies largely on land to sustain the renewable elements can often be more costly and end up producing higher carbon emissions.

Low Carbon Emissions

Reducing current fossil fuel consumption with gold hydrogen would drastically reduce carbon emissions. 

Cost Efficient

Financial assumptions indicate that we should be able to produce gold hydrogen for less than $3 per kg, This is compared to green hydrogen projects which are produced at approximately $8 per kg.

Clean Energy

When natural hydrogen is combusted, the only bi-product is water vapour and heat. This makes it a clean energy.

Ready to Replace Fossil Fuels 

Natural hydrogen can be used to replace fossil fuels in most everyday tasks and heavy carbon-emitting industries including transportation, food production and construction. 

Transportation - Heating - Cooking - Industrial Activity - Energy storage

We are also seeking options to explore abandoned oil and gas wells as reservoirs have been left making them easy initial targets. This process can deliver carbon neutral results. 



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